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Control Knob 316009008

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  • Control Knob 316009008
  • Control Knob 316009008
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Frigidaire Range/Stove/Oven Top Burner Balve Knob Black

Manufacturer's Part Number: 316009008
Cross Reference Information: 

No cross reference information available.

Manufacturer, Model Number, Description: 

Kenmore 79015051401 Gas Range
White-Westinghouse WLF303PHDB White Westinghouse/gas Range
White-Westinghouse WLF303PHDC White Westinghouse/gas Range
White-Westinghouse WLF303PHWB White Westinghouse/gas Range
White-Westinghouse WLF303PHWC White Westinghouse/gas Range
White-Westinghouse WLF311SHDA White Westinghouse/gas Range
White-Westinghouse WLF311SHDB White Westinghouse/gas Range
White-Westinghouse WLF311SHWA White Westinghouse/gas Range
White-Westinghouse WLF311SHWB White Westinghouse/gas Range
Kenmore 79061081891 30" Gas Range
Kenmore 79061081892 30" Gas Range
Frigidaire FPF303BWA Gas Range
Frigidaire FPF303CWA Gas Range
Frigidaire FPF303CWB Gas Range
Frigidaire FPF303CWC Gas Range
Frigidaire FPF303CWD Gas Range
Frigidaire FPF303CWE Gas Range
Frigidaire FPF303CWF Gas Range
Frigidaire FPF311PHDA Gas Range
Frigidaire FPF311PHDB Range
Frigidaire FPF311PHWA Gas Range
Frigidaire FPF311PHWB Range
Frigidaire FPF311PHWC Range
Frigidaire FSF303PJDA Gas Range
Frigidaire FSF303PJDB Gas Range
Frigidaire FSF303PJWA Gas Range
Frigidaire FSF303PJWB Gas Range
Frigidaire FSF311PHWA Gas Range
Gibson GPF311PHWA Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF303BWA Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF303CWA Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF303CWB Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF303CWC Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF303CWD Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF303CWE Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF318ECA Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF318ECB Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF318ECC Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF318MXECA Gas Range
Frigidaire MGF324BEDB Gas Range - 5995289070
Frigidaire MGF324BEDA Gas Range - 5995284279
Frigidaire MGF303PGWG Range
Kenmore 79061031100 Gas Range
Kenmore 79061081890 Freestanding Gas Range
Kenmore 79061081896 Range
Kenmore 79061201200 Gas Range
Kenmore 79061301300 Gas Range
Kenmore 79061301301 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070260400 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070260401 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070260402 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070260403 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070261400 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070261401 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070261402 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070261403 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070270400 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070270401 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070270402 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070270403 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070271400 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070271401 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070271402 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070271403 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070280400 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070280401 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070280402 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070280403 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070281400 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070281401 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070281402 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070281403 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070290400 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070290401 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070290402 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070290403 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070291400 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070291401 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070291402 Gas Range
Kenmore 79070291403 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071000300 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071000301 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071001300 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071001301 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071002100 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071004100 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071010200 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071011200 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071030300 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071030301 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071031300 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071031301 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071053400 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071053401 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071053402 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071053403 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071053404 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071190100 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071191100 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071672100 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071770100 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071771100 Gas Range
Kenmore 79073053400 Gas Range
Kenmore 79073053401 Gas Range
Kenmore 79073053402 Gas Range
Kenmore 79073053403 Gas Range
Kenmore 79073053404 Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF311PGWC Frigidaire/gas Range - P5995322699
Frigidaire MPF311PGWD Frigidaire/gas Range - P5995322707
Frigidaire MPF311SGDC Frigidaire/gas Range - P5995322699
Frigidaire MPF311SGDD Frigidaire/gas Range - P5995322707
Frigidaire MPF311SGWC Frigidaire/gas Range - P5995322699
Frigidaire MPF311SGWD Frigidaire/gas Range - P5995322707
Frigidaire MPF300PXWG Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF300PXWH Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF300PXWJ Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF303PGDA Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF303PGDD Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF303PGDF Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF303PGDG Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF303PGDH Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF303PGWA Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF303PGWC Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF303PGWD Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF303PGWF Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF303PGWG Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF303PGWH Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF311PGWE Range
Frigidaire MPF311SGDE Range
Frigidaire MPF311SGWE Range
Frigidaire MPF300PBDE Gas Range - 5995300687
Frigidaire MPF300PBDF Gas Range - P5995314662
Frigidaire MPF300PBWE Gas Range - 5995300687
Frigidaire MPF300PBWF Gas Range - P5995314662
Frigidaire MPF311PCWD Universal/multiflex Gas Range - 5995300737
Frigidaire MPF311PGWA Universal/Gas Range - P5995308664
Frigidaire MPF311SBDD Gas Range - 5995302337
Frigidaire MPF311SBWD Gas Range - 5995302337
Frigidaire MPF311SGDA Universal/Gas Range - P5995308664
Tappan TGF317BUB Gas Range
Frigidaire MGF300PBDF Universal/multiflex Gas - Range - 5995300695
Frigidaire MGF300PBDG Gas Range - 5995300695
Frigidaire MGF300PBWF Universal/multiflex Gas - Range - 5995300695
Frigidaire MGF300PBWG Gas Range - 5995300695
Frigidaire MGF303PGDA Universal/Gas Range - P5995308680
Frigidaire MGF303PGDC Universal/Gas Range - P5995322400
Frigidaire MGF303PGDD Universal/Gas Range - P5995322400
Frigidaire MGF303PGDE Universal/Gas Range - P5995322400
Frigidaire MGF303PGDG Range
Frigidaire MGF303PGDH Universal/gas Range
Frigidaire MGF303PGDJ Universal/gas Range
Frigidaire MGF303PGDK Universal/gas Range
Frigidaire MGF303PGDL Universal/gas Range
Frigidaire MGF303PGWA Universal/gas Range - P5995308680
Frigidaire MGF303PGWC Gas Range - P5995322400
Frigidaire MGF303PGWD Gas Range - P5995322400
Frigidaire MGF303PGWE Universal/Gas Range - P5995322400
Frigidaire MGF303PGWH Universal/gas Range
Frigidaire MGF303PGWJ Universal/gas Range
Frigidaire MGF303PGWK Universal/gas Range
Frigidaire MGF303PGWL Universal/gas Range
Frigidaire MGF311SBDE Gas Range - 5995300711
Frigidaire MGF311SBDF Universal Gas Range - 5995302246
Frigidaire MGF311SBWE Gas Range - 5995300711
Frigidaire MGF311SBWF Universal Gas Range - 5995302246
Frigidaire MGF324BEDC Gas Range - 5995300612
Frigidaire MGF324BEWA Gas Range - 5995284279
Frigidaire MGF324BEWC Gas Range - 5995300612
Frigidaire MGF324SEDA Gas Range - 5995282349
Frigidaire MGF324SEDC Gas Range - 5995300612
Frigidaire MGF324SEWA Gas Range - 5995282349
Frigidaire MGF324SEWB Gas Range - 5995289070
Frigidaire MGF324SEWC Gas Range - 5995300612
White-Westinghouse WGF323BADB Gas Range - 5995263463
Frigidaire MGF345BEDA Gas Range - 5995282125
Frigidaire MGF345BEDB Gas Range - 5995289500
Frigidaire MGF345BEDC Universal/multiflex Gas-range - 5995300745
Frigidaire MGF345BEWA Gas Range - 5995282125
Frigidaire MGF345BEWB Gas Range - 5995289500
Frigidaire MGF345BEWC Gas Range - 5995300745
Frigidaire MGF352BEDA Gas Range - 5995282414
Frigidaire MGF352BEDB Gas Range - 5995285003
Frigidaire MGF352BEDC Gas Range - 5995289534
Frigidaire MGF352BEWA Gas Range - 5995282414
Frigidaire MGF352BEWB Gas Range - 5995285003
Frigidaire MGF352BEWC Gas Range - 5995289534
Frigidaire MGF352BFDB Universal/multiflex Gas-range - 5995300752
Frigidaire MGF352BFWB Universal/multiflex Gas-range - 5995300752
Frigidaire MGF352SEDA Gas Range - 5995282414
Frigidaire MGF352SEDB Gas Range - 5995285003
Frigidaire MGF352SEWA Gas Range - 5995282414
Frigidaire MGF352SEWB Gas Range - 5995285003
Frigidaire MLF303PGDA Universal/gas Range - P5995308672
Frigidaire MLF303PGDC Gas Range - P5995322665
Frigidaire MLF303PGDD Gas Range - P5995322665
Frigidaire MLF303PGWA Universal/gas Range - P5995308672
Frigidaire MLF303PGWC Gas Range - P5995322665
Frigidaire MLF303PGWD Gas Range - P5995322665
Frigidaire MLF311SGDA Universal/Gas Range - P5995308664
Frigidaire MLF311SGDC Frigidaire/gas Range - P5995322699
Frigidaire MLF311SGDD Frigidaire/gas Range - P5995322707
Frigidaire MLF311SGWA Universal/Gas Range - P5995308664
Frigidaire MLF311SGWC Frigidaire/gas Range - P5995322699
Frigidaire MLF311SGWD Frigidaire/gas Range - P5995322707
Frigidaire MSF312BFWB Gas Range
Frigidaire MSF312BFWD Gas Range
Frigidaire MSF312BFWE Gas Range
Frigidaire MSF312BFWF Gas Range
Frigidaire MSF312BFWG Gas Range
White-Westinghouse WGF321WADA Gas Range - 5995255402
White-Westinghouse WGF321WADB Gas Range - 5995263547
White-Westinghouse WGF321WAWA Gas Range - 5995255402
White-Westinghouse WGF321WAWB Gas Range - 5995263547
White-Westinghouse WGF323BADA Gas Range - 5995255402
White-Westinghouse WGF323BADC White-westinghouse Gas Range - 5995271797
White-Westinghouse WGF323BADD Gas Range - 5995275855
White-Westinghouse WGF323BADE White-westinghouse Gas Range - 5995279220
White-Westinghouse WGF323BAWA Gas Range - 5995255402
White-Westinghouse WGF323BAWB Gas Range - 5995263463
White-Westinghouse WGF323BAWC White-westinghouse Gas Range - 5995271797
White-Westinghouse WGF323BAWD Gas Range - 5995275855
White-Westinghouse WGF323BAWE White-westinghouse Gas Range - 5995279220
White-Westinghouse WGF350SADA Gas Range - 5995258984
White-Westinghouse WGF350SADB Gas Range - 5995258984
White-Westinghouse WGF350SADD Gas Range - 5995279030
White-Westinghouse WGF350SADE Gas Range - 5995277133
White-Westinghouse WGF350SAWA Gas Range - 5995258984
White-Westinghouse WGF350SAWB Gas Range - 5995258984
White-Westinghouse WGF350SAWD Gas Range - 5995279030
White-Westinghouse WGF350SAWE Gas Range - 5995277133
White-Westinghouse WGF353BADA Gas Range - 5995262119
White-Westinghouse WGF353BADB Gas Range - 5995262119
White-Westinghouse WGF353BADE Gas Range - 5995277133
White-Westinghouse WGF353BAWA Gas Range - 5995262119
White-Westinghouse WGF353BAWB Gas Range - 5995262119
White-Westinghouse WGF353BAWE Gas Range - 5995277133
Frigidaire RGB506EY1AD White-westinghouse/gas Range - P5995310876
Frigidaire RGB506EY1WH White-Westinghouse/Gas Range - P5995310876
Tappan TGF303AWA Gas Range
Tappan TGF303BWA Gas Range
Tappan TGF303BWB Gas Range
Tappan TGF303BWC Gas Range
Tappan TGF303BWD Gas Range
Tappan TGF303BWE Gas Range
Tappan TGF317AUA Range
Tappan TGF317AUB Range
Tappan TGF317AWB Range
Tappan TGF317BUA Range
Tappan TGF317BUC Gas Range
Tappan TGF317BWA Range
Tappan TGF317BWB Gas Range
Tappan TGF317BWC Gas Range
Tappan TGF317DUA Gas Range
Tappan TGF317DUB Gas Range
Tappan TGF317DUC Gas Range
Tappan TGF317DWA Gas Range
Tappan TGF317DWB Gas Range
Tappan TGF317DWC Gas Range
Tappan TGF317DWD Gas Range
Tappan TGF320DUA Gas Range
Tappan TGF320DWA Gas Range
Tappan TGF320DWB Gas Range
Tappan TGF320DWC Gas Range
Tappan TPF303AWA Gas Range
Tappan TPF303BWA Gas Range
Tappan TPF303BWB 30" Free-standing Gas Range
Tappan TPF303BWD Gas Range
Tappan TPF303BWE Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF311SGWA Universal/Gas Range - P5995308664

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Warranty Information

90 days warranty from the date of purchase. All Warranties require the model and serial numbers of the appliance.
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