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Door Lock WH02X24399

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  • Door Lock WH02X24399
  • Door Lock WH02X24399
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GE Washing Machine Door Lock 

Manufacturer's Part Number: WH02X24399
Cross Reference Information: 

No cross reference information available.

Manufacturer, Model Number, Description: 

Hotpoint HTW200ASK0WW Washer
GE GTW485ASJ0WS Washer
GE GTW485ASJ1WS Washer
GE GTW485ASJ2WS Washer
GE GTW220ACK1WW Washer
GE GTW460AMJ0WW Washer
GE GTW460AMJ1WW Washer
GE GTW460AMJ2WW Washer
GE GTW460AMJ3WW Washer
GE GTW460AMJ4WW Washer
GE GTW460ASJ2WW Washer
GE GTW460ASJ3WW Washer
GE GTW460ASJ4WW Washer
GE GTW460ASJ5WW Washer
GE GTW485ASJ0WW Washer
GE GTW490ACJ0WS Washer
GE GTW490ACJ0WW Washer
GE GTW490ACJ1WS Washer
GE GTW490ACJ1WW Washer
GE GTW490ACJ2WS Washer
GE GTW490ACJ2WW Washer
GE GTW460ASJ6WW Washer
GE GTW485ASJ3WS Washer
GE GTW490ACJ3WS Residential
GE GTW490ACJ3WW Residential
Hotpoint HTW200ASK1WW Washer
Hotpoint HTW240ASK0WS Washer
GE GTW460ASJ0WW Washer
GE GTW460ASJ1WW Washer
GE GTW460ASJ7WW Washer
GE GTW220ACK2WW Washer
GE GTW220ACK3WW Washer
GE GTW490ACJ4WS Residential
GE GTW490ACJ4WW Washer
GE GTW485ASJ4WS Washer
Hotpoint HTW200ASK2WW Washer
Hotpoint HTW240ASK1WS Washer
Hotpoint HTW240ASK2WS Washer
GE GTW330ASK3WW Washer
Hotpoint HTW240ASK3WS Washer
GE GTW460ASJ8WW Washer
GE GTW220ACK5WW Washer
GE GTW330ASK4WW Washer
GE GTW460ASJ9WW Washer
GE GTW485ASJ5WS Washer
GE GTW490ACJ5WS Washer
GE GTW490ACJ5WW Washer
Hotpoint HTW200ASK4WW Washer
Hotpoint HTW240ASK4WS Washer
GE GTW220ACK4WW Washer
Hotpoint HTW200ASK3WW Washer
GE GTW465ASN0WW Washer
Hotpoint HTW240ASK5WS Washer
GE GTW330ASK0WW Washer
GE GTW330ASK1WW Washer
GE GTW330ASK2WW Washer
GE GTW335ASN0WW Washer
GE GTW335ASN1WW Washer

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Warranty Information

90 days warranty from the date of purchase. All Warranties require the model and serial numbers of the appliance.
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