Viking Refrigerator Thermistor Sensor C8983701

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  • Part Number C8983701 replaces VC8983701,
  • Part Number C8983701 replaces VC8983701,
  • Viking Refrigerator Thermistor Sensor C8983701
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Viking Refrigerator Thermistor Sensor 

Manufacturer's Part Number: C8983701
Cross Reference Information: 

Part Number C8983701 replaces VC8983701

Manufacturer, Model Number, Description:

36511 (BOM: P1121603W W)-MAC

36518 (BOM: P1121604W L)-MAC

36521 (BOM: P1121601W W)-MAC

36528 (BOM: P1121602W L)-MAC

36581 (BOM: P1108401W)-MAC

36581 (BOM: P1115601W)-MAC

36588 (BOM: P1108402W)-MAC

36588 (BOM: P1115602W)-MAC

36591 (BOM: P1108403W)-MAC

36591 (BOM: P1115603W)-MAC

36598 (BOM: P1108404W)-MAC

36598 (BOM: P1115604W)-MAC

36791 (BOM: P1152601W W)-MAC

36795 (BOM: P1152603W E)-MAC

36798 (BOM: P1152602W L)-MAC

ASE526K (BOM: P1109904W)-MAC

ASE526M (BOM: P1164004W)-MAC

B136CAL1 (BOM: P1197503W)-MAC

B136CAL1 (BOM: P1318403W)-MAC

B136CAL3 (BOM: P1197501W)-MAC

B136CAL3 (BOM: P1318401W)-MAC

B136CAR1 (BOM: P1197504W)-MAC

B136CAR1 (BOM: P1318404W)-MAC

B136CAR3 (BOM: P1197502W)-MAC

B136CAR3 (BOM: P1318402W)-MAC

GRH2401SW (BOM: P1168101W W)-MAC

GRH2402SW (BOM: P1168104W W)-MAC

GSDE3201SW (BOM: P1190901W W)-MAC

S148CA01 (BOM: P1305502W)-MAC

S148CA03 (BOM: P1305501W)-MAC

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90 days warranty from the date of purchase. All Warranties require the model and serial numbers of the appliance.
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