Glass Tray Support WB06X10667

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  • Glass Tray Support WB06X10667
  • Glass Tray Support WB06X10667
  • Glass Tray Support WB06X10667
  • Glass Tray Support WB06X10667
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GE Microwave Glass Tray Support 

Manufacturer's Part Number: WB06X10667
Cross Reference Information: 

No cross reference information available.

Manufacturer, Model Number, Description: 

GE SCA1000HBB03 Microwave
GE SCA1000HBB04 Microwave
GE SCA1000HCC03 Microwave
GE SCA1000HCC04 Microwave
GE SCA1000HWW03 Microwave
GE SCA1000HWW04 Microwave
Kenmore 36363692302 Microwave
Kenmore 36363692303 Microwave
Kenmore 36363693302 Microwave
Kenmore 36363693303 Microwave
Kenmore 36363694302 Microwave
Kenmore 36363694303 Microwave
Kenmore 36363699302 Microwave
Kenmore 36363699303 Microwave
Kenmore 36363703600 Microwave
GE SCA1001HSS03 Microwave
GE SCA1001KSS02 Microwave

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Warranty Information

90 days warranty from the date of purchase. All Warranties require the model and serial numbers of the appliance.
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