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Orifice 316470400

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  • Orifice 316470400
  • Orifice 316470400


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Cross Reference and Model Information

Manufacturer's Part Number: 316470400
Manufacturer Model Number Description

Natural Gas Orifice Spud

Kenmore 79060012602 Range
Kenmore 79060720900 Range
Kenmore 79060721900 Range
Kenmore 79070270405 Range
Kenmore 79070270406 Range
Kenmore 79070271405 Range
Kenmore 79070271406 Range
Kenmore 79070300700 Range
Kenmore 79070300701 Range
Kenmore 79070301700 Range
Kenmore 79070301701 Range
Kenmore 79070302700 Range
Kenmore 79070302701 Range
Kenmore 79071152700 Range
Kenmore 79071152701 Range
Kenmore 79071153700 Range
Kenmore 79071153701 Range
Kenmore 79071153702 Range
Kenmore 79071153703 Range
Kenmore 79071154700 Range
Kenmore 79071154701 Range
Kenmore 79071162700 Range
Kenmore 79071162701 Range
Kenmore 79071163700 Range
Kenmore 79071163701 Range
Kenmore 79071163702 Range
Kenmore 79071164700 Range
Kenmore 79071164701 Range
Crosley CRG3110GWBB Range
Crosley CRG3110GWBC Range
Crosley CRG3110GWBD Range
Crosley CRG3110KWBA Range
Frigidaire FGF303CWG Range
Frigidaire FGF303CWH Range
Frigidaire FGF303KWA Range
Frigidaire FGF303LWA Range
Frigidaire FGF316DQF Range
Frigidaire FGF316DQG Range
Frigidaire FGF316DSF Range
Frigidaire FGF316DSG Range
Frigidaire FGF318ECD Range - Free Standing, Gas
Frigidaire FGF318GCA Range - Free Standing, Gas
Frigidaire FGF318GCB Range
Frigidaire FGF318GCC Range
Frigidaire FGF319KBA Range
Frigidaire FGF319KBB Range
Frigidaire FGF319KSA Range
Frigidaire FGF319KSB Range
Tappan TGF303BWF Range
Tappan TGF303BWG Range
Tappan TGF316GSB Range
Tappan TGF316GSC Range
Tappan TGF316GSD Range
Tappan TGF317DWF Range
Tappan TGF317ESE Range
Tappan TGF317ESF Range
Westinghouse WWGF3000KWA Range - Gas
Westinghouse WWGF3000KWB Range - Gas
Westinghouse WWGF3000KWC Range - Gas
Westinghouse WWGF3002KWA Range - Gas
Westinghouse WWGF3002KWB Range - Gas


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Warranty Information

90 days warranty from the date of purchase. All Warranties require the model and serial numbers of the appliance.
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