How to Clean an Ice Machine: Your Step-By-Step Guide

How to Clean an Ice Machine: Your Step-By-Step Guide

How to Clean an Ice Machine: We created a helpful, step-by-step guide to help you get your ice maker clean efficiently.

Did you know that your ice machine should be cleaned and sanitized at least once every six months?

This will help the machine run efficiently and prevent any ice contamination.

If your business has an ice machine, knowing how to properly clean it is crucial. We have created the following step-by-step guide on how to clean an ice machine to make cleaning a breeze.

1. The First Step of How to Clean an Ice Machine - Remove All the Ice

All the ice in your maker must be removed before ice machine cleaning.

After the machine has completed a harvest cycle (when ice drops from the reservoirs), press the power button to turn the ice maker off. You must wait for the ice to completely melt before proceeding.

To make this process faster, you can dispense all the ice before turning off the machine. If this seems like a lot of work, just let the ice melt.

2. Press the Wash Button

After the ice has completely melted, press the clean (or wash) button on the machine. This process will take around a minute to complete.

This will cause water to pass through the water dump valve and down the drain. The water trough will empty and refill. At this time the machine will display a message, indicating it is time to add chemicals.

3. Add Cleaner to the Ice Machine

Now, it's time to add cleaner to the ice machine. Please consult the ice maker's user manual to see how much cleaner should be added.

This cleaner will help to remove any mold that is growing inside. This is one of the most important steps on how to clean a refrigerator ice maker.

4. Wait Until the Cleaning Cycle is Complete

Now that cleaner has been added to the machine, you must wait for the cleaning cycle to complete. This process can take about 20 minutes. Sometimes the cleaning time is longer, it all depends on your machine.

After the cycle is complete, disconnect the ice machine from its power source. If you can also disconnect power to the dispenser, go ahead and do that too.

At this point, you should remove any internal parts that require cleaning. For proper removal please refer to your machine's manual.

5. Time to Mix the Cleaning Solution

The machine's user manual will tell you the recommended solution to use and the amount. After figuring out what you need and how much, begin mixing.

The solution should be mixed with water. A general ratio is 1 gallon of water to 16 ounces of cleaning solution. If there is a lot of mineral build up in the machine, then it's a good idea to add more cleaner.

Using half of the mixture, clean the parts you removed in step 4. If the mixture begins to foam on the pieces this is normal. Most solutions will foam when they come in contact with mineral build-up.

After the foaming has stopped, use a wire brush to properly clean the pieces. A sponge or washcloth can also be used to clean the parts.

Once you have scrubbed all the parts clean, rinse with clean water and set aside.

The other half of the mixture should be used to clean surfaces such as the ice machine itself, dispenser, and bin.

Use your washcloth, sponge, or brush to clean the following areas:

  • Base
  • Bin
  • Sidewalls
  • Evaporator plastic parts
  • Dispenser

6. Rinse Down the Machine

Now that you have cleaned and sanitized your ice machine, it's time to rinse. Rinse the machine with clean water to ensure all chemicals are washed away.

7. The Exterior is Important, Too

If you clean the inside of your machine, don't forget to clean the outside.

The area around your machine should be cleaned often. This will help to maintain a clean space.

If dust and dirt are seen on the exterior, wash it away with a cloth dipped in clean water. Never use an abrasive brush or sponge.

If there is greasy residue on the machine, use a cloth dipped in a soap and water solution. Do not use abrasive cleaners on the outside of your machine. The ice maker's manual should state what soaps not to use on the exterior.

8. Now it's Time to Sanitize

To sanitize, mix a solution of sanitizer and water. Consult the ice machine's user manual for the exact ratio.

All parts removed should be sprayed or dipped into the solution. The second half of the mixture can be used to clean the food zones mentioned in Step 5. Remember to not rinse these with water after sanitizing.

Now you may replace all removed parts. After doing so, wait 20 minutes to allow the sanitizer to disinfect properly.

9. Almost Done

You can plug the machine back into its power source. Press the wash button once more and wait for the cycle to complete. When the dispenser says to add chemicals, add sanitizer.

After waiting for the wash cycle to complete, you can set your machine to automatically make ice. After doing so, you can jump for joy because you have completed the how to clean an ice maker guide!

Go and Clean Your Ice Machine

You now have a step-by-step guide on how to clean an ice machine. This will help make the process a breeze from the first wash cycle to the last.

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Oct 25th 2019

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