5 Common Freezer Problems and Tips on Fixing Them

5 Common Freezer Problems and Tips on Fixing Them

Are you experiencing freezer problems? If so, click here to find out about the most common types of freezer issues and how you can fix them.

Did you open your freezer and find a melty mess or worse, a block of ice? Freezer-burnt food can put a damper on anyone's dinner plans!

If your frozen items are frosted over, or your loud freezer keeps you up at night- don't call the repairman just yet.

It's possible that your freezer problems are a simple fix you can do yourself. Is your freezer behaving badly? Check for these five common problems and their solutions to get yourself back on the road to cold.

My Freezer Has Frost Buildup

Depending on where the frost is building up, it could be a symptom of a few different issues.

Frost around the door gaskets can be a sign of the door being left slightly unsealed. This can be caused by food packages too close to the door or a drawer that's not seated all the way.

If the frost is snowy and light, the freezer temperature could be set too low. Make sure to set the temperature at zero degrees.

If hard frost covers the entire inside, the door could have been left open.

Usually, correcting the problem and allowing the freezer to go through some defrost cycles will clear up the problem. If the issues mentioned above don't seem to be causing the problem, the defrost heater could be in need of replacing.

Buildup on the coils or only in the back of the freezer can indicate a defective heater, defrost timer, or control board.

My Freezer Sounds Weird

If your freezer is making a strange noise, there could be a few reasons. It might be something as common as the ice maker making a batch of ice, or water draining from the evaporator coil when it's defrosting.

Check your appliance for normal functions. Is the temperature staying consistent? Is everything working correctly? If so, it's likely that your freezer is making normal operating sounds.

Sometimes the noises can be a problem like your evaporator fan motor. These motors do sometimes go bad and need to be replaced.

Where Are These Puddles Coming From?

While a puddle could be from fallen ice or frost, there are a few other possible culprits as well.

It's possible that the defrost drain is frozen over. Defrosting and cleaning it should clear up the issue, if so.

Another possibility is that an ice or water hookup is leaking from the water line. Check all lines running to the freezer for weaknesses or leaks.

Excessive frost on the evaporative coils could be causing the drain pan to flood when the freezer defrosts. This can be due to heavy uses or high humidity. Try to reduce the amount of time you have the door open to prevent this from happening, and check that the door is sealing properly.

Check to see that water is evaporating completely from the condensation pan in between defrosts. The mechanical cover in the back should be firmly in place, which allows air to flow as needed over the coils. Replace the cover if it is damaged or missing.

Finally, the condensation pan itself could be cracked or leaking. If so, replace it to solve your puddle issue.

My Freezer Isn't Running

If your freezer is new, it could be in "demo mode." This is a showroom floor feature that lets it function without having a running cooling system. Check your manual to ensure that it is not in demo mode when you first start using your freezer.

Make sure your freezer is getting power. Check any lights or user interfaces to make sure they are illuminated and that the freezer is plugged in correctly. If no indicators of power are on, test the outlet to make sure it is working.

If the outlet is producing power, it could be that the interface or main control board need replacing. It's also possible that your thermostat or sensors have gone bad, which will need further troubleshooting to diagnose.

Give Your Freezer Problems the Cold Shoulder

Many common freezer problems are simple fixes that take minor troubleshooting. Always make sure your freezer is shutting tightly. By completing a regular defrost cycle and keeping your seals in good condition and free of debris, you can ward off most minor issues before they start.

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Jul 31st 2018

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