Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Light Bulb

Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Light Bulb

Whether it's for a lighting fixture in you're home or some sort of appliance, you need the right light bulb to get the job done. Read on to learn how to choose the right one.

Are you looking for the right light bulbs for your home?

Choosing a light bulb sounds pretty straightforward, but they come in different shapes, sizes, brightness levels, and energy efficiency.

To achieve the best lighting in every room, you should know what type you need for each area.

Keep reading to discover 5 tips for buying the best light bulbs for your home.

Picking the Right Light Bulb

Don't let the different types of light bulbs confuse you. Use the tips below to become a light bulb expert and get the light right every time.

1. Consider the Room Setting

Many homeowners buy one type of light bulb for their entire home. However, different rooms have different features and purposes.

For example, the kitchen requires bright lights for cooking and dining. The living room needs ambient lights when you relax or a chandelier for when you entertain guests.

For nurseries, opt for special baby lamps with LED bulbs.

Halogen bulbs are great for offices or bathrooms where you need additional brightness.

2. Pick a Bulb Color, Size, and Brightness Level

With so many light bulb sizes on the market, it's easy to make a mistake. Before you buy a bulb, make sure to check your lighting fixtures and find the right match.

A great way to get the right fit is to take your old bulbs with you to the store. If you need more than one bulb, write down the fitting reference number for every fixture.

The brightness level of a bulb is known as a lumen. On some bulbs, you'll find watts as a measure of brightness, while on others, the number of lumens. The more watts/lumens, the brighter the bulb.

Depending on the ambiance you want to set in a room, you can choose different temperatures like warm yellow, cool white or colored bulbs like blue, red, or green.

3. Pick the Right Shape

Light bulb types differ in shape as well. You'll find globe, arbitrary, ellipsoidal, pear, tubular, candle, hexagonal, and more.

What you choose depends on the type of room decor, type of fixture, and your personal preference.

4. Get LED or Halogen Lights

LEDs are the next best thing in the lighting world because they're energy efficient, brighten up a room better than conventional bulbs, and are long-lasting.

Similarly, a halogen bulb will save you tons of energy and are great for accent or task lighting, security lights or showroom righting.

5. Consider the Lighting Placement and Fixtures

The light bulbs have to fit your fixtures, but also complement the interior design of your room.

If they're too big, they can be overpowering in smaller rooms. If they're too bright, they can make the room cold and uninviting.

You should always consider the placement of the fixtures as well - are they on the walls, on the ceiling, or serve as task lights?

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Sep 5th 2018

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