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Simple Repair Tips for Your Electric Dryer

Simple Repair Tips for Your Electric Dryer

Don't call an expensive repair service for your electric dryer until you've checked it out yourself. Here's how to fix some of the most common dryer issues.

No matter what type of appliance you have, they are all prone to problems that cause them to work either less effective or not at all. If you have an electric dryer, it's typical for them to develop issues making you think it's time for a replacement.

That's not always the case, and it can cost a lot of money if it happens often enough.

Learn more about some of the frequent problems that happen to these dryers and how you can troubleshoot them on your own, without the need for an expensive service call.

Your Clothes Take Too Long to Dry

If your clothes come out just as damp as they went in, or only a little dry, you're wondering if it's time to call the repairman. Clothing that takes more than two cycles to properly dry has problems, and they usually get corrected through a simple fix.

Cleaning out your lint trap allows your dryer to work at maximum efficiency. That's because the trap has lint in it, which prevents the heated air from moving around freely.

In turn, this requires you to use additional heat to get your clothing dry. Besides being an easy fix, cleaning out your lint trap saves you money.

That's because you aren't using extra electricity to run the dryer several times for one load. Check your lint trap first, and see if that doesn't save you an emergency service call.

The Electric Dryer Makes Loud Noises

It's always disturbing when your dryer makes loud noises, almost as though it is possessed. You're half afraid to shut off the dryer and go look, too.

Check out your dryer and see if you have any of the following that's causing an unnatural sound:

  • Lighters
  • Coins
  • Phones
  • Belts

If none of these things are the cause of your dryer making noise, it's likely you'll need it leveled. This happens to washing machines too, but thankfully, leveling is an easy at-home fix you can perform on your own.

You Turned the Dryer On, But It Won't Start

Faulty washing machines and dryers can result in expensive fixes. If you have a dryer that isn't turning on, you're worried about the possible service call, but don't know what the underlying cause is.

Sometimes it's as simple as a breaker getting flipped. If you find that your home has circuits that get flipped for whatever reason (or even if it normally doesn't), check the breaker.

An electric dryer requires a lot of voltage to operate, so make sure you aren't running other appliances at the same time. Finally, see how the power cord works.

A broken power cord means a simple trip to a home supply store, and you'll have your dryer working once it's hooked up. Make sure the door closes firmly too since many dryers cannot run if the door is otherwise open or jammed.

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If you're having problems with your electric dryer, start troubleshooting it before you schedule a service call. You'll save money and feel accomplished when you realize how easy it is to fix something on your own.

If you're experiencing serious problems, we're here to help. Contact us, and we'll get your laundry room back up and running in no time.

Apr 26th 2018

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